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Social Media 'Sneezing' - The Germ You Really Do Want To Spread

Creativity and fun will continue to matter in social media. A lot. For example, digital music service Spotify used Hyperactivate to create a Hashtagart Mosaic where music lovers can use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to enter a post about their favorite song of the year.

Dark Knight Rises Viral Site Gives Glimpse of Bane

The resulting image (seen above as it looked at 12:53 p.m. EDT) is an intimidating profile shot of Tom Hardy as Bane ... the mosaic image was compiled by Hashtagart, which creates pictures by making each person’s profile pic a tile in the final product.

Twitter’s proposed polling feature isn’t much help for brands

Hyperactivate has been around since 2010, working with big brands like American Airlines, Pepsi, NBC, and others, so Fischman has a window into the social marketer’s soul, so to speak.

The need for speed: brands embrace startup accelerators

Chief of staff Graham Smith says the programme has helped define Y&R's brand positioning as "the 90-year-old startup" in its anniversary year, with participating startup Hyperactivate's social media technology used for a global campaign. Smith claims having startups participate in pitches has helped the agency win new business

3 Social Media Startups to Watch

Hyperactivate's "Hashtagart" application creates a real-time mosaic of avatar images collected from social networks every time a fan publishes a status with a client’s marketing message ... Fun and, ideally, smart marketing.

Rocker Daughtry Puts Your Face in New Song's Artwork

Daughtry told Mashable. " I wanted to do something that directly involves them and builds anticipation at the same time I wanted to do something that directly involves them and builds anticipation at the same time — we usually put out the album or song artwork and title and that's it. It will be exciting for fans to be a part of the reveal."