Hyperactivate offers a range of innovative content-sharing tools for campaigns that reach your followers and acquire new ones.

Are you looking for a creative way to activate your fans & followers? Hyperactivate has been working with the top brands, and can launch your campaign even with a quick turn around. Request a demo to learn more.


Hyperactivate is a highly experienced social engagement platform with exciting viral Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram applications.


Our robust system runs on scalable servers to handle the most successful social media promotions.

Quick Turnaround

We deliver quick turnaround times for Hyperactivate managed campaigns or launch your own instantly with Buzz Lab.

Hashtagart Mosaic

Every tile represents a fan, so your fans become the advertisement!

Hyperactivate's flagship social media engagement tool. Looking to activate your fans & followers on a large scale? Hashtagart Mosaics will help promote your campaign through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Buzz Lab

Choose Applications. Create Buzz.

Buzz Lab is a collection of Intuitive tools for building your own branded interactive applications. Set up yours in 5 minutes with the Buzz Lab Wizard.

What is participation marketing?

Hyperactivate specializes in participation marketing... where fans market the brand by participating in a fun promotion.


Keep it simple and lower the barrier of entry

All Hyperactivate promotions are super easy for your fans to use.


Does anyone want to raise their hand first in class?

A gallery of UGC posts means more audience participation.


Sharing is automatic with every submission.

Fans spread your branded messages with every social share                    


The little drop of honey that entices the participation.

Fun is much more powerful than any other incentive.

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