How do Hashtagart Mosaics work?

Every tile represents a fan, so your fans become the advertisement!


  • Hashtagart mosaics work like a jigsaw puzzle, pieced together by fans.  As people Tweet, Instagram and Facebook post, they are added to the puzzle.
  • The mosaic canvas can be any image, embedded into any webpage.
  • Hashtagart mosaics are updated in real-time.
  • The full mosaic image is displayed when enough people share your brand's message in social.
  • We provide campaign reporting, including all metrics of engagement.
  • Our responsive design works great on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
  • We even have a version that is animated for video walls and large screens


The Mosaic fills in like a jigsaw puzzle with every social share


Doubletree celebrated #NiceTravels with a Hashtagart Mosaic


A Hashtagart Mosaic displayed in Times Square

This is the animated video wall execution great for live events

Video time-lapse of a mosaic filling

Blackberry used a Hashtagart Mosaic to launch their Blackberry Classic.