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Case Study - The White House



We were very excited to receive an email from The White House asking for our help. Our CEO studied his MBA abroad and education is an important priority at Hyperactivate.


Hyperactivate on The White House handout

The White House hosted a Travel Blogger Summit inviting 100 influential travel bloggers and digital media outlets to launch The Office of Study Abroad and help spread the word to their audiences. 


Welcome to The White House

The goal was to have Travel Bloggers encourage American students to study, volunteer, and work abroad by using the hashtag #WHTravelBlogger (White House Travel Bloggers).  We thought we could do better and we did. 


President Obama's Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough presenting in front of a Hashtagart Mosaic

The first thing we did was widen the campaign. We wanted the hashtag to be a conversation starter that would spark a viral message. Hyperactivate chose #StudyAbroadBecause as a hashtag that itches people to respond. We gave bloggers more than just a hashtag, we also gave them a rich media application to add to their blog post. Along with the 100 Travel Bloggers(i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6),  The White House also embedded the mosaic on their website.


Email from a WH staffer:  #StudyAbroadBecause trending higher than #ISIL

Hyperactivate started a movement with its Hashtagart Mosaic. We really wanted to get the hashtag trending on Twitter and we did. Travel Bloggers posted content and even  The First Lady and Universities around the world joined in the fun. We started a movement and the movement has not stopped. #StudyAbroadBecause opened up a conversation in social media that never ended. Huffington Post published this article 16 months after launching the campaign and a book was even published.