Breast Cancer awareness using Hashtagart mosaics

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Hashtagart Mosaics are the perfect way to engage your fans around your brand. Hyperactivate can help you achieve your brand goals while running a successful cause marketing campaign.


Chevrolet #IDriveFor

Chevrolet used a customized heart shaped Hashtagart Mosaic to get their fans and followers sharing pink images through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Every person has been touched by breast cancer, for whom do you drive the message of breast cancer awareness.

When consumers land on a Hashtagart Mosaic, they spend over 3 minutes clicking around the mosaic and absorbing all of that great content.


P.F. Chang's Painted Pink

P.F. Chang's painted their horses pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By tying together their locations and social and their website, they "fought breast cancer one taco or selfie at a time." The #PFChangsPink hashtag was used to get folks to take selfies in front of the pink horses and then find their photo in the P.F. Chang's Pink horse mosaic. It was a great way to get folks sharing messages and P.F. Chang's donated $1 for every hashtag mention.

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