Why Millennials will participate with Brands during Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Let's face it, brands are having trouble connecting with millennials and millennials are eager to participate in causes through social media. Weather a friend, loved one or they themselves develop breast cancer, it has touched just about every person and every millennial. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and BreastCancer.org reports that one out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Increased awareness and early detection are key in saving lives. The emphasis on awareness is so powerful that a simple tweet or Instagram post can be the reminder that saves a life, and millennials are the first to participate in a breast cancer awareness campaign. In fact 70% reported that companies are not doing enough to support the causes they care about, and a whopping 74% are more likely to pay attention to a company’s messages if the company has a deep commitment to a cause.

Chevrolet understands this and they ran the Hashtagart Mosaic below. With their pink heart shaped mosaic, the premise was that every person drives the message for a loved one in their life who has been touched by breast cancer. Chevrolet was incredibly successful in getting participation around the hashtag #IDriveFor, and by clicking around the heart shaped mosaic you can see all of the powerful messages contributed by Chevy fans & followers. In fact, when consumers land on a Hashtagart Mosaic, they will spend over 3 minutes clicking around the mosaic and absorbing all of that marketing.

Chevrolet is not alone. P.F. Chang's set up this Hashtagart Mosaic after painting all of their horse statues pink. They fought breast cancer "one taco or selfie at a time". 

Why is it so important for a brand to be part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month? According to Adweek, Breast Cancer Awareness ads boost Ford's image. With 63% said that ads "made them feel better about Ford as a company", 42 percent said that it "increased their interest in buying a Ford vehicle". The cause marketing will contribute to the brand's bottom line, and Hashtagart Mosaics are a perfect way to rally your fans & followers to help you spread the message. With over 3 minute durations per view, consumers will click around the mosaic to see other participants. The interaction is fun and the consumers love being part of the art.