Social Media Campaigns: Don't Be Tactical!

Posted November 24, 2014 by Trang Cao (@TrangCao23) When you consider social media as a strategy rather than a tactic, you place an outcome on every action you take. This doesn’t just mean a realistic and achievable set of goals, but also how the result of action A becomes the learning for action B.

Conducting social media campaigns is one example of how marketers have been executing on social media tactics.

Marketers now have no difficulties finding a reliable and suitable platform to make their campaigns engaging and creative. Examples of these campaigns could be contests, hashtag promotions, featured stories, or mobile branded games. Our company Hyperactivate also offers brands who think out of the box an option to create mosaic art out of fans’ social avatars, a technology that brands like American Airlines and Activision’s Call of Duty have employed successfully. So with the resources available, marketers can effortlessly get as creative or as conventional as they want with their social media campaigns.


*Revlon’s #CastASpell Mosaic Campaign

But now the important question is: How can you make your social media campaigns more strategic? In other words, how can you use the outcome of your social media campaigns to address the next action in your overall marketing plan?

Unlike content generation or community management, social media campaigns are often  seen as ad hoc solutions that are easily isolated from the general, long-term marketing strategy.

This is a really big mistake.

After a social media campaign, a HUGE amount of fans in your community are activated. They engage, they like, they share, they RT your posts. These numbers are great for reporting outcome metrics, but what else can you do with them?

The answer is: you can identify your influencers: the individuals whose actions (shares, tweets, conversions, etc.) activated the most amount of reactions (reshares, RTs, conversions, etc.)  among their fans.

Correctly identifying these powerful users and nurturing them so that they become the ultimate advocates of your brand, is one such approach to take in order to accommodate your social media campaign within the strategic marketing picture.