How Expensive is it to Upload a Photo?

If advertisers know one thing, it’s that clicks are expensive. Wall Street even evaluates companies by their click-through rates. For platforms where success is contingent on how willing people are to upload content, it is especially important to make sure that the user’s experience is as seamless as possible. This picture shows, in order, the most seamless platforms for uploading a photo.


When a photo contest asks for the best selfie, it seems like a simple fun request and often times, those photo contests fall short of expectations. This chart shows that a simple fun request can be pretty complicated.

Most photos today are snapped by mobile phones, and most photo contests live in a tab on a Facebook fan page. Since fan page tabs can not be viewed in mobile, photo sharing becomes much more complicated when consumers need to get their selfie on to their laptop in order to submit it into a fan page.

Next time you are planning an activation around photos, consider that asking for creative text reaction may better serve your objectives.