Engage & Influence Holiday Shoppers

Posted November 10, 2014 by Cameron Hogan (@camhog21) As many marketers know, the next few months are a prime opportunity to influence buying decisions. But with numerous digital tactics to engage buyers, where is a brand to focus their attention when said buyers are already out talking up brands and products and taking action?

During the holiday season, consumers will be reading product reviews, connecting with fellow customers, and comparing user experiences all across dozens of social media sites.  With all this activity, it would be ill-advised to leave these potential connections to chance.  So, how can you make sure your brand is top of mind? Engage communities and manage brand advocates.

As people share their user experiences, their actions ripple out touching friends, families, co workers, etc. - all potential buyers. By way of social media campaigns, brands can now find more direct ways of approaching and influencing consumers in a more friendly and personal manner. They make it easier for brands to capture the enthusiasm of customers, fans and followers, and advocates who 1) act as a megaphone for a brand and promote their products and 2) further influence buying decisions on the brand’s behalf.  Furthermore; they generate boatloads of social shares, new leads, and most importantly - measurement of key metrics including conversions (newsletter sign-ups, registrations, coupon downloads, and more).

As peers join the conversation, a significant and orchestrated surge of advocacy builds.  Data collected through social media campaigns can be a highly valuable resource to identify this otherwise invisible advocacy channel.  With the proper tools, tracking user-influence down to conversions is no longer a pain point for marketers.  This information along with other troves of data that come out of running a social activation, will allow you to invest in future promotions and campaigns.

So let’s recap.  The festive season is a marketer’s nirvana when it comes to impacting an individual’s consideration set.  Social campaigns allow marketers to make their brand the topic of conversation while generating boatloads of brands social shares.  Lastly, they present an opportunity to tap into individuals who are already discussing the brand; individuals who can help spread a message as well as influence the path to purchase and ultimate buying decisions of others.

Make your social media work for you.  Happy holiday marketing!