Mother's Day Engagement

Mothers_Day_Engagement Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we as marketers know all too well our duties extend beyond Hallmark cards and gift certificates for therapeutic massages. And although the holiday is just a few days away, there’s still plenty of time to get your social media engagement tactics and marketing campaigns in order.

New insights on consumer behavior demonstrate there are still plenty of opportunities to engage and convert users over the next few days. Here are some glaring statistics demonstrating the tremendous upside of Mother’s Day focused marketing campaigns1:

  • 30% of people are likely to shop last minute
  • online shoppers spend 38% more than offline for Mother’s Day gifts
  • 33% of shoppers used their smartphones to find a gift for mom in 2015
  • Shoppers conduct highly targeted searches – flowers are the #1 selling item for Mother’s Day (yes, better sales than V Day)

And as of late, shoppers are celebrating with more than just their mothers – while 63% of purchases are for mothers and stepmothers; 2% of gifts go to godmothers, 7% to grandmothers, 9% to sisters, 10% to daughters, and 23% to wives.1

Now that we have shared some juicy stats, here a few tips and tricks to help drive consumer engagement and conversion:

  • PPC Campaigns: clicks for Mother’s Day do not start coming in until the last week so use some of your budget for these last few days. In your campaign use keywords to target stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, daughters, and wives.
  • UGC: User generated content is remarkably effective in driving conversions; one way to do this is by featuring UGC of influencers or consumers directly to your site or social media.
  • Instagram: take over Instagram with an influencer relevant to this holiday, for example a mom blogger, for the days leading up to Sunday and let her possibly run a giveaway of your products to get engagement on your account.
  • Pinterest: this is the number one social network for Mother’s Day searches. You can create your own board by asking your followers to submit pins. This creates engagement and on top of it you are including UGC as part of your efforts.

Now that you have some fresh insights on how and when to engage consumers, time to dial up your Mother’s Day marketing initiative and we would be happy to help. Hyperactivate has a number of social media tools (stylized galleries and meme generators) to help you launch a fun and engaging campaign. Check them out here or give us a call.

And if you have anything to add, we would love to hear it. What sort of tactics have you put in practice? Have you had success running a Mother’s Day campaigns? Connect with us below in the comments or reach out on our social media channels.


written by Angelica De Castiglioni, Social Media and Marketing Intern

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